I love this track by AWVFTS.

My garden does not grow because you think it's beautiful. My garden does not grow because you approve of my choice in flowers or because you like the fountain that overflows with water, with joy, with life's essence. My garden will grow even if you trample through it like a playful child or slither through it like a serpent, biting at the vulnerable. My garden grows because I water it with breath. It grows because I let change flow through the leaves of its trees like the wind. It grows because only wise creatures can surmount its fence while fools stand outside trying to smell the roses through the gate.

-June 2016.

If you make art, you are sexy.
If you see and celebrate beauty in the uniqueness of others, you are sexy.
If you have a story to tell, you are sexy. 
If you have been humbled and learned from it, you are sexy.
If you can forgive, you are sexy.
If you can know who you are even when others attempt to define you differently, you are sexy.
If you can still let your definition be fluid, you are sexy. 
If you know that looks come and go but sexiness is in your spirit, sexiness is in your soul, then you. are. sexy. 

-July 2016.

This video is a journey. I have listened to this concert more times than I can count and I hear something new each time.

Light some candles, grab a cup of tea, relax and enjoy.

The video above captures the opening track from the album Island Songs, Olafur Arnalds' 7-week musical journey across Iceland. Of all his music, this album has been the most touching to me as a listener. I always imagined different things Einar Georg could be saying in the poem. One day it occurred to me to search the internet for a translation. I couldn't find a translation for the poem, which was not upsetting. Somehow it seemed appropriate. All I could find was this:

"The poem... Whatever translation me or my team could make could never do Einar's beautiful words justice, so we decided against translating it. But it's about this river close to the farm where Einar grew up. As a kid he used to go sit by the river and just listen to the sound. Apparently this river is quite well known for how beautiful it sounds...like it's playing music."

I've never been one to know the correct terms of musical genres, but there is a style of folk/bluegrass that has... a certain darkness to it.. and I absolutely LOVE this. Many of Alela's songs have that darkness, especially on her first album 'The Pirate's Gospel.' 

In this video she plays songs from several albums. I will admit she doesn't even play my favorites here, but I still love the video.

Her playing is so effortless, precise and clean. She doesn't rush, nor waste time. Her songs always end right on time without any indulgence. She is deliberate but also relaxed and authentic. For the past decade this woman has never compromised her art. You can feel that. To me, that is about as cool as it gets. 

Gangaji is the teacher of my teacher Adi, and over the years I have received much encouragement, guidance and wisdom from watching her talks. Here is a short video that I always find myself coming back to. 

The world is better because Zoe's music is in it. Enjoy!

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