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As I have learned it, yoga practice encourages balanced discipline and stable flexibility in both body and mind. Human beings have sought to understand the world and themselves as long as we have been alive. Yoga, a gift from India, is a science for that inquiry. I feel fortunate to have been taught it and to have yoga as a framework through which to grow, explore and connect.

The majority of my formal hours of study have been with Annie Carpenter and Stephanie Adams. I have also been greatly influenced by Vipassana meditation as taught by SN Goenka and Bhakti yoga as taught by Rusty Wells. Work, relationships, books, music and nature are opportunities to open to the practice in our everyday lives.


I cherish yoga as a sanctuary where all people may come and do their work in peace. I do my best to question my own biases and habits to refine my way of being in the world, and to contribute to a future that celebrates and represents everyone. 

Enjoy your practice!

With love,


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